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Work-in-Progress Screening & Panel at the U.N.

L to R: Giampaolo Pioli - UNCA President, Savanna Washington - Filmmaker, Greg Scarlatoiu - Exec. Director - Comm. for Human Rights in N. Korea, Kim Hyung-Soo - N. Korean Defector.

Calling the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, fat can get you killed in North Korea. Any other complaints about daily life there gets North Koreans incarcerated in brutal work camps. What harm could come from playing frisbee?

*North Korea photos - Photo credit: Martin Benninghoff, Germany

Print & TV Journalist reporting about North Korea in German publications like Spiegel Online.  www.MartinBenninghoff.com

Photo Courtesy: Martin Benninghoff* 

Playing Frisbee in North Korea

a documentary film by Savanna Washington