Aardvark Alley Films

Fashion Crimefighters

Ladybug & George fight fashion crime in Gotham City. Ugly dress, no mess – Ladybug & her trusty sidekick George are on the scene. This Batman spoof follows the Superhero crime-fighter, Ladybug – a daring drag queen - and her trusty sidekick George as they combat the ultimate Gotham City crime – ugly dressing.

Episode 1:
​Ladybug’s superhero mission in life is to beautify Gotham City starting with its residents. Ladybug’s sensitivities are severely tested when the ugliest shoes in the world come into her town, brought in by her arch nemesis, the dastardly villain, Flyswatter. It’s a showdown at the OK Corral Shoe store when Flyswatter, challenges Ladybug and George to a shoe showdown.

Ladybug and George

​A webseries